Save Phase came up with a very unique line of Extreme Face Protector(EFP) as welding and grinding mask. The mask is compact and fits close to your face. It could be suitable for welding applications under tight spaces.save_phase_1

Feature Reviewed

It features an automatic darkening filter integrated with 180 degree viewing lens. The side lens are a fixed shade 10 while ADF provides from shade 9 to shade 13.

But, first look of it, you will notice that it looks super cool. This line of welding masks always come with some great graphics. We list a few of them. You can check them out. As mentioned, the Save Phace welding helmet gets into the tight places better than almost any other helmets.

The side views facilitate you to look out on the side. You can see people around you. It comes in handy on some occasion. The side lens have a fixed shade of 10. Iin case there are people welding around you, you should not get flashed.

Downside? This helmet come with only 2 sensors. Some times, they may get blocked. You could get flashed. You need to watch out for that.

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Save Phase Gen Y is a unique line of welding helmets, they fit right into your face. Would they be the best welding mask for you application? If you need to weld in tight spaces and need a compact welding helmet, this could be a worthwhile candidate.