Lincoln Electric was founded in 1895 and has become a multi billion company manufacturing welding products worldwide.The Viking series is its top of the line helmet series. This Viking 3350 welding helmet has one of the largest viewing area in this line.

The Lincoln Viking 3350 helmet features a 3.74 x 3.34 inch large viewing size. It is equipped with 4 Arc Sensors. Whether in dark or light states, Auto-darkening filters (ADF) of Lincoln helmets always offer UV and IR ray protection. It has an internal control to set 6~13 shade. The unit could also be put on grind mode with a shade of 3.


This helmet comes with 4 sensors. As said, usually the more sensor an auto darkening filter welding helmets has, the pricier it gets. This is quite useful though, when some of the sensors get blocked, you still have other ones work so that you do not get accidentally flashed.

Sensitivity and Shade Setting:

Usually, the high setting is chosen for regular use. when used with excess ambient light or with another welding machine nearby, you can use a lower sensitivity setting to improve the helmet performance.You can also rotate the sensitivity knob all the way until hear an audible click for grinding. Note this mode could NOT be used for welding. Shade 6~13 setting is available for use. Or, you can choose the grinding mode to lock in the light state shade 3.

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It is around 20 ounces. With such a big scrlincoln_3350_2een size, its weight is quite reasonable.

Switching speed:

It is about 0.04ms, which is quite fast actually.


It uses one CR2450 Lithium battery. It also has solar cells to charge the battery. A word of caution, you need to replace battery when low battery light is on.

Other things:

Auto-darkening filters (ADFs) in Lincoln helmets are designed to protect users against harmful
ultra-violet (UV) and infrared (IR) rays in the dark or light states. The UV/IR protection is always present whatever shade the filter is on.

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Customer Reviews:

According to customer reviews, users like the big viewing size of this helmet and also like the fact that it has four sensors. Some users think that the helmet is a bit too shiny and easily get scratched. Overall, people love this helmet.

All in all, the big viewing size of the Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 welding helmet attracts lots of users. If you are looking for a welding helmet with big viewing size, the Viking 3350 welding helmet could be one of your best choices.