Kimberly-Clark Professional who has teamed up with Balder to come up with a new line of Jackson Safety welding helmets with greatly enhanced visibility. It is very clear to see through the helmet. It is probably one of the clearest ADF helmets you can ever find in the market. Let us review this welding helmet in details.jackson_safety_bh3_w70

Clarity and Viewing Area:

The clarity is the first thing you will notice when you use the Jackson Safety W70 BH3 welding helmet. It is so clear that it is like welding in HD. Also, the color is greenish with a bit blue. That is very pleasing to your eyes. For the viewing area, that is about 3.8 by 2.7 inch which is very large when you compared with lots of ADF helmet in the market.


When you put on the helmet, you will notice that it does not weigh a lot, about 19 ounces. With such a big viewing size, this could be really considered as a very light-weight helmet. This is critical if you do welding a lot. You can wear this helmet for hours without tiring out your neck too much.

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The welding helmet is equipped with 2 sensors. In most of the cases, it is enough. But, if you often work in tight space, there could be chances that those two sensors get blocked. Just watch out for that.

Sensitivity, Shades and Switching speed:

When you put the helmet on highest sensitivity, it should not have problem to detect low amp(5A) tig welding. When put on lowest sensitivity, it could be treated a grind mode. The ADF of Jackson Safety W70 welding helmet has a variable shade ranging from 9 to 13 to protect your eyes during welding. Also, it supports a light shade of 4. For the response time(switching speed), it takes about 150us for the the lens to transition from light state into pre-set dark state after an arc is detected.

jackson_safety_bh3_w70_4High-density plastic shell:

The helmet has a high-density plastic that is slightly flexible but very durable outer shell to protect your face and neck from weld sparks and spatters.


It comes with a 5 year warranty that is very rare. You can imagine they have lot of trust in their products.

Potential Drawbacks:

The lens are proprietary; So you can not buy the cheap generic lens. Also, the helmet does not have grind mode. But, as said, you can turn down the sensitivity to use it when do grinding. Furthermore, it is kind of expensive. If you think it is beyond your budget, the following Jackson Safety WH40 Helmet with Balder Technology. The viewing area is a bit smaller than W70, but it is still with Balder technology.

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Overall Review

Customers are very pleased with the big viewing size, lens clarity, light weight of the Jackson Safety W70 helmet. Even though, it only has two sensors, it still gets excellent reviews on Amazon. If you are looking for a welding helmet with big viewing area and clarity, this could be potentially one of the best welding helmets for you. With this, we hope to help you find your next welding helmet. If there is any question, please let us know.